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So yeah...
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I Will

2010-06-15 22:23:48 by JosephSINAASXx

G Major Any Song

Wiki (:

2009-10-07 06:39:06 by JosephSINAASXx

Joe Doran A.K.A JosephSINAAS_Xx, JoeDreamer is a teance producer from Chester England.
He first started producing music at the age of 12 with a Playstation game called Music 2000.
From there he has moved on to several different forms of software and styles.
His main form of created music would be "Epic Trance" "Melodic Trance" and "Hard Trance".

He has played several different venues around the United Kingdom including the "Liverpool Barfly" and the "Music Box" In Manchester. Other then this he has played in Chesters "Ruins Gig 2007" and in Buxtons "Spa Bar".

In 2007 was his best year for music with a collection of over 30 tracks made in the year. he regulary uploads his music to "Newgrounds" for feedbadck and reviews. Several of his songs have made it into the top 100 rated songs on the website with good reviews and average scores of 4.30/5. In 2009 he made a song called "Fantasy Destination" which would be his best song to date with the average score staying around 4.40/5.

After 2007 he decided to stop the music production and focus on college work, because of this he has stayed unknown to the music scene and unheard of. Recently he is trying to make a come back by trying to get to different locations and playing venues in the north west of England and has made over 20 songs so far this year alone.

Right now he is a student at "West Cheshire College" in Ellesmere Port studying Music Technology and Production, hoping to improve his creation skills and knowlegde of the music world. In 2010 he is hoping to make a full come back by playing venues all over the North West and possible play somewhere away from home. He is uncertian if this is achievable but he looks certain to take the United Kingdom by storm.


2009-09-14 22:45:37 by JosephSINAASXx

Ive Apparently Earnt $0.10

Thats Fricking AWESOME!

Hey People!

2009-08-26 01:04:24 by JosephSINAASXx

Add Me On Msn
To Keep Track Of When Im Posting New Songs (:

Can Someone?

2009-07-11 19:25:02 by JosephSINAASXx

Review This Please ----> /253604
Would Mean Alot :D

Go Check It Out
For Talent Of All Kinds

You Might Find Something You Fancy =D

Change Of Software

2009-02-26 21:05:28 by JosephSINAASXx

I Knew It Would Happen In The End Like
Changed From Sequel To Fruity Loops 8

From What I Can See Its Pretty Amazing Stuff
Like The VST Stuff Man Love It

Currently Still Messing About With It But Created One Song
Its Call "Standing In Fates Face"

Go Check It Out Yeah?


2009 Soo Far

2009-01-13 06:14:34 by JosephSINAASXx

I Think This Year Will Be A Slow Year For Music Production...
Theres A Lack Of Music Softwear For Me Atm..

Only Having Music 2000, 3000 And MTV Music Generator 3

Should Hopefully Pick Up Speed Soon!
And Will Be Back On Track ASAP

Okay... This Is Something

2008-12-15 10:23:14 by JosephSINAASXx

For All You Trance Lovers Out There
I Am Currently Creating Something Amazing
My Best Song Iver Ever Made....
By Far....

No Joke
This Out Does Everything I Have Ever Made
Its Just Amazing...

Watch This Space...